Lo – Neuter Article

Artículo neutro

In addition to definite and indefinite articles, Spanish has a neuter article: lo. It’s invariable and can be used in front of just about any adjective in order to express something abstract or a quality.

lo fácil   the easy thing, part
lo bueno   the good thing
lo bello   what’s beautiful
lo justo   what is just
lo mejor   the best part

Lo + adjective = The ___ thing

Lo + adjective is usually translated in English as "The (adjective) thing/part/one/style" or "What is (adjective)."

Por ejemplo …

Lo difícil es que no comprendo la diferencia.   The hard thing is that I don’t understand the difference.
No viste lo mejor de la película.   You didn’t see the best part of the movie.
Lo importante es que estamos juntos.   What’s important is that we are together.
Me gusta lo azúl.   I like the blue one.
Vestís a lo americano.   You dress in the American style/like Americans.

More examples

Lo + adjective / adverb + que = How ___!

The construction lo + adjective or adverb + que means "How (adjective)":

¡No sabes lo feliz que estoy!   You don’t know how happy I am!
Veo lo importante que es.   I see how important it is.
Olvidé lo bello que eres.   I forgot how beautiful you are.
¿Comprendes lo fácil que es?   Do you understand how easy it is?

More examples

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 Lo is also a neuter object pronoun.

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