Adverbs of Manner

Spanish adverbs of manner
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Adverbios de manera

Adverbs of manner express how the action of a verb occurs. In English, the vast majority of adverbs of manner end in -ly, whereas in Spanish, they mostly end in –mente. In Spanish (and English), these adverbs are created from adjectives.

Turning Spanish adjectives into adverbs is very easy: just take the feminine adjective and add the suffix –mente:

Masculine Feminine   Adverb   Translation
abierto abierta   abiertamente   openly
amable amable   amablemente   nicely
cansado cansada   cansadamente   tiredly
cuidoso cuidosa   cuidosamente   carefully
fácil fácil   fácilmente   easily
leal leal   lealmente   loyally
lento lenta   lentamente   slowly
rápido rápida   rápidamente   quickly
resuelto resuelta   resueltamente   resolutely

Por ejemplo …

Están caminando lentamente y cuidosamente.   They’re walking slowly and carefully.
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 A few Spanish adverbs of manner aren’t derived from adjectives:

alto   loudly
bien   well
deprisa   quickly
despacio   slowly
mal   badly
mejor   better
peor   worse
pronto   quickly

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Spanish adverbs of manner

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