Demonstrative Adjectives

Adjetivos demostrativos

Spanish demonstrative adjectives
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Demonstrative adjectives (this, that) are used to indicate a specific noun or nouns. In Spanish, they must agree with the noun(s) in number and gender.

Por ejemplo…

Este árbol es bonito   This tree is cute.
Aquellas montañas son altas.   Those mountains are tall.

Characteristics of demonstrative adjectives

  1. Used in place of an article, not with one
  2. Placed directly in front of a noun or an adjective + noun
  3. Agree with the demonstrated noun in number and sometimes gender
  4. Demonstrative adjective + noun can be replaced by a demonstrative pronoun

Spanish demonstrative adjectives

There are three sets of Spanish demonstrative adjectives:

  1. este – this (near the speaker)
  2. ese – that (near the listener)
  3. aquel – that (far from both the speaker and listener).
  this   that   that (far)
masculine singular   este   ese   aquel
feminine singular   esta   esa   aquella
masculine plural   estos   esos   aquellos
feminine plural   estas   esas   aquellas

Because both ese and aquel mean "that," I’ve added phrases into the English translations in order to clarify the difference between these two demonstrative adjectives.

Este profesor habla mucho.   This teacher talks a lot.
Esa camisa es bonita.   That shirt (you’re wearing) is pretty.
Aquellos estudiantes no comprenden.   Those students (over there) don’t understand.
Esta chica está lista.   This girl is ready.
Esos libros son estúpidos.   Those books (you just picked up) are stupid.
Me gusta aquella casa.   I like that house (on the other side of the street).

 Note: Each set of Spanish demonstrative adjectives corresponds with at least adverb of place.

este   aquí or acá here
ese   ahí there
aquel   allí or allá over there

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Spanish demonstrative adjectives

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