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Abbreviations Learn the different ways to shorten words and phrases in Spanish.
Accents What’s the purpose of Spanish accents, and how can I type them?
Adjectives Adjectives describe nouns in various ways.
Adverbs Words that modify verbs, adjectives… or adverbs
Agreement Gender and number make a big difference in Spanish grammar.
Articles Definite, indefinite, and partitive
Conjugation lessons Learn how to conjugate Spanish verbs.
Conjugation tables Simple and compound conjugations for nearly 300 Spanish verbs.
Conjunctions Connecting equals and unequals since the beginning of this sentence.
Demonstratives The grammar of specific references
Exclamations Wow! These are useful words! Click to read these lessons!
Expressions Idiomatic expressions, everyday expressions – lots of lessons to help you speak Spanish like the natives.
Formalities Words and structures needed for formal situations
Gender What’s the deal with masculine desks and feminine tables?
Indefinition Somewhere, someone might need something.
Informalities Words and structures reserved for informal relationships
Lesson plans Classroom-ready lessons and ideas
Negation No, nothing, no one, never
Neuter The grammatical concept of non-gender
Nouns All the persons, places, and things you can shake a stick at.
Plurals Learn about making nouns and adjectives plural.
Politeness Please be polite.
Possession In their detail, my lessons will help your Spanish.
Prepositions Little words that connect different parts of speech.
Pronouns For when you get tired of repeating nouns.
Pronunciation Learn the sounds of Spanish.
Questions Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?
Spelling Learn some of the particularities of Spanish spelling.
Suffixes Create new words by added suffixes to the end.
Tenses – Moods – Voices  Lessons on present, past, future, indicative, subjunctive, passive…
Travel Spanish Essential Spanish vocabulary for traveling, from greetings to transportation to shopping.
Verbs General index to all the Spanish verb lessons on this site.
Vocabulary Lists of useful phrases for various situations.
Word order Learn how different parts of speech fit together.

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