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Spanish language Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions | Computer + Internet | Study + Learning


Q. What is this site?
Q. I have a question - where can I find an answer?
Q. I have a suggestion or a correction for this site - where can I tell you?
Q.  I'm an author/editor/publisher/programmer - would you review my book/software/Spanish materials?
Q. Why do you do this site - can I read your biography?
Q. How can I help to support this site?
Q. How can I let others know about this site?
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Spanish on the computer and internet
Q. How can I type Spanish áccéñts?
Q. Can I link to this site?
Q. Can I advertise on this site?
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Study and learning questions
Q. I want to begin seriously learning Spanish. Where should I start?
Q. I have a really hard time conjugating verbs when I speak. How can I improve?
Q. How can I improve my Spanish accent?
Q. How long does it take to become fluent in Spanish?
Q. I live in a non Spanish-speaking area and I'm losing my Spanish. What can I do?
Q. I'm going to Spain (or another Spanish-speaking country) for a week. Should I bother trying to learn any Spanish?
Q. What is the best way to learn Spanish?

A. The absolute best way, hands down, no doubt about it, is to study in a Spanish-speaking country.

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