Valer Expressions

Worthy Spanish expressions

Valer literally means "to be worth" and is used in many Spanish expressions.

valer   to be worth
    to be useful
    to be valid
    to cost
  (math)   to equal
    to win
hacerse valer   to assert oneself
hacer valer su autoridad   to impose one's authority
hacer valer sus derechos   to stand up for one's rights
no valer nada para alguien   to mean nothing to someone
no valer para algo   to be no good at something
no valer para nada   to be useless
valer la pena   to be worth it, worth the trouble
valer lo que pesa (en oro) (informal)   to be worth its weight in gold
valer para algo   to be good (enough) for
valer por   to be worth (able to be exchanged for)
valer por algo   to be worth something
¿Cuánto vale un dólar en euros?   How much is a dollar worth in euros? How many euros are there to the dollar?
demostrar que vale   to demonstrate one's worth
eso no vale   that's not fair; it's no good/use
¡Eso no vale!   That's not allowed! They/You can't do that!
este mismo valdrá   this one will do
le valió un(a) ___   it earned him/her a ____ (prize, reward), it brought/caused him/her (trouble, scolding)
¡más le vale!   he'd better!
¡más te vale!   you'd better!
más vale así   it's better this/that way
más vale mantener esto en secreto   it would be better to keep this secret
más vale no hacerlo   it's better not to do it
más vale prevenir que curar   an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
más vale que   you'd better
más vale tarde que nunca   better late than never
más vale un «toma» que dos «te daré»   a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
¡No hay… que valga!   Don't … me! Don't give me that!
no hay discusión que valga   I don't want any arguments
¡No hay excusa que valga!   No excuses!
¡No hay pero que valga!   No buts about it!
no vale mirar   don't look, you're not allowed to look
¿Puedo…? No, eso no vale.   Can I…? No, that's not allowed.
___ también vale para ti   ___ goes for you too
vale (interjection)   OK, fine, sure; that's enough
vale mucho como ____   to be a good ____
valga la expresión   for lack of a better expression
valga la redundancia   if you'll pardon the redundancy
¡Válgame (Dios)!   God help me!
ya no me vale   it's no good/use to me now
no puede valerse por sí mismo   he can't take care of/look after himself, manage/cope on his own any more
valerse de algo/alguien   to use something/someone
ya no se vale solo   he can't take care of/look after himself, manage/cope on his own any more

Valer is a g verb.

Valer conjugations