Tener Expressions

Tener expressions

Having Spanish expressions

Tener literally means "to have" and is used in a number of idiomatic expressions.

Tener translations

  • to have
  • to hold
  • to possess
  • to contain
  • to be*

Tener expressions

tener a bien + infinitive   to see fit to, deign to
tener a menos + infinitive   to consider it beneath oneself to
tener que + infinitive   to have to do something
tener corazón de piedra   to have a heart of stone
tener un disgusto   to have a falling out
tener dolor de cabeza, estómago   to have a headache, stomach ache
tener ganas de   to feel like, be in the mood for
tener inconveniente   to mind, object to
tener líos   to have difficulties
tener lugar   to take place
tener mala cara   to look bad
tener los nervios de punta   to be on edge
tener pájaros en la cabeza   to have bats in the belfry (to be crazy)
tener palabra   to keep one's word
tener la palabra   to have the floor
tener por   to consider to be, to take (someone) for
tener una promesa   to keep a promise
tener en la punta de la lengua   to have on the tip of the tongue
tener que   to have to
tener que ver con   to have to do with
tenerse   to stand (up)
tenerse sobre algo   to lean on something
tenerse firme   to stand up straight
tenerse por   to consider oneself as
tenerse en mucho   to have a high opinion of oneself
no poder tenerse   to be exhausted

* Tener = to be

* In many expressions, tener means to be

tener 25 años   to be 25 years old
tener ángel   to be charming
tener buena, mala estrella   to be lucky, unlucky
tener calor, frío   to be hot, cold
tener celos de   to be jealous of
tener cuidado   to be careful
tener la culpa de   to be to blame for
tener éxito   to be successful
tener hambre, sed   to be hungry, thirsty
tener madera para   to be made for, cut out for
tener malas pulgas   to be short-tempered
tener miedo de   to be afraid of
tener mundo   to be sophisticated
tener prisa   to be in a hurry
tener razón   to be right
tener sueño   to be sleepy
tener suerte   to be lucky
tener vergüenza de   to be ashamed of

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