Meter Expressions

Spanish expressions to put

Meter is a regular -er verb. It literally means "to put" and is also used in various idiomatic expressions.

meter   to put
    to place
    to insert
    to introduce
    to fit in
    to squeeze in
    to add
  (sports)   to score
    to invest
    to cause/make
  to wager
    to involve
meter a uno a trabajar   to put someone to work
meter a uno a un oficio   to put someone to a trade, apprentice someone to
mater algo a uno (informal)   to palm s.t. off on s.o., force s.o. to accept s.t.
meter de contrabando   to smuggle in
meter miedo a uno   to scare someone
meter la narices   to snoop around, stick one's nose in
meter la pata   to put one's foot in one's mouth
meter prisa a uno   to hurry someone
meter ruido   to cause a stir
meter un lío   to make a fuss, stir up trouble
meter un susto a uno   to put the wind up someone
a todo meter (informal)   full-speed
¡Métetelo donde te quepa! (vulgar)   Stuff it! Stick it where the sun don't shine!
No hay quien le meta aquello.   No one can make him understand that.
¿Quién le mete en esto?   Who asked you? What business is it of yours?
meterse a + infinitive   to start + -ing
meterse a escritor   to become a writer
meterse con uno   to provoke someone, accost someone
meterse en   to go into, enter
to interfere in
meterse en donde ne le llaman   to meddle, snoop around
meterse en la boca del lobo   to enter the lion's den (literally, "the wolf's mouth")
meterse en la cama   to get in bed
meterse en lo que no le importa   to interfere in s.o. else's business
meterse en peligro   to get into danger
meterse en sí mismo   to withdraw into oneself
meterse en un callejón sin salida   to get into a jam
meterse monja   to become a nun

Meter is a regular -er verb.

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