Llevar Expressions

Spanish expressions to take

Llevar literally means "to take," but has has several additional meanings and is used in a number of common expressions.

llevar   to take
  to bear
  to carry
  to charge
  to direct
  to follow (a route)
  to take away
  to transport
     to wear
  to win
llevar 2 horas, 3 meses   to spend 2 hours, 3 months
llevar 2 años / 3 centímetros a   to be 2 years older / 3 cm taller than
llevar + past participle   to have done something (present
llevar algo + gerund   to have been doing something (present
llevar a   to take/lead to
llevar a una a creer que   to make someone think that
llevar la casa   to run the house
llevar la finca   to manage an estate
llevar las de ganar   to look like a winner
llevar las de perder   to look like losing; to be fighting a losing battle
llevar lo mejor   to get the best of it
llevar lo peor   to get the worst of it
llevar una materia (Mexico)   to study a subject
llevar una vida tranquila   to lead a quiet life
La lleva hecha.   He's got it all figured out.
¡La que llevaba encima!   He was so drunk!
No las lleva todas consigo.   He's not at all sure of himself.
llevarse   to carry off, take away, remove
(inf)   to be in fashion
llevarse a uno por delante (LatAm)   to offend someone
llevarse bien   to get along
¡No lo toques o te la llevas! (inf)   Don't touch it or you'll live to regret it!
¡Que se lo lleve el diablo!   To hell with it!

Llevar is a regular -ar verb.

Llevar conjugations