Ir Expressions

Ir - Spanish verb to goSpanish expressions to go

Ir, "to go," is used in a number of common expressions.

ir a caballo    to ride horseback
ir al grano to go right to the point
ir a lo suyo to go one's own way, to act selfishly
ir a medias to go halves
ir a pie to walk, go on foot
ir bien to get along well
ir con tiento to go quietly
ir con uno to agree with someone
ir de brazo to walk arm in arm
ir de compras to go shopping
ir de juerga to go out on a spree
ir delante to go ahead
ir de mal en peor to go from bad to worse
ir para los 30 to be going on 30 (years old)
ir por to go for
ir sobre ruedas to go smoothly
ir tirando to get by
ir + gerund to start/be gradually doing something
(present progressive)
irse to go away
irse de prisa to rush away
a eso voy I'm coming to that
si vamos a eso for that matter
¡Qué va! Nonsense!
¡Vaya! You don't say!
Vaya con Dios God be with you, good-bye.

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