¡Buen viaje!

¡Buen viaje!
¡Buen viaje!
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Traveling Spanish Expression

MeaningHave a good trip!
LiterallyGood trip
PronunciationSpanish sound files [bwen vee ah heh]
IPA  [bwɛn vi a xɛ]

Usage notes: The Spanish expression buen viaje is used to say good-bye to someone leaving on a trip and to express your hopes that they have a good time.

Por ejemplo…

¡Buen viaje, Carlos! ¡Nos vemos en dos semanas! Have a good trip, Carlos! We’ll see you in two weeks!
Adiós Lupe y Martín, ¡buen viaje! Bye Lupe and Martín, have a good trip!

Somewhat synonymous

  • buen camino – happy trails
  • feliz viaje – happy travels

 Why buen rather than bueno? It’s an apocope.

Related expressions

Bueno is often used with other nouns in order to say "enjoy ___" or "have a good/nice ___":

  • buenos días – hello, good day
  • buena idea – good idea
  • buenas noches – good night
  • buen provecho – enjoy your meal
  • buena suerte – good luck
  • buenas tardes – good afternoon

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¡Buen viaje! Spanish expression