Andar Expressions

Spanish expressions to go

Andar literally means "to go" or "to walk" and is used in a number of common expressions.

andar   to go
    to be
  (Central Am.)   to carry
  (distance)   to cover
    to move
  (time)   to pass
  (mechanical)   to run, work
    to travel
  (Central Am.)   to use
    to walk
  (Central Am.)   to wear
andar de boca en boca   to be general knowledge
andar en los 40, 50   to be about 40, 50
andar en   to tamper with
    to be involved in
¡Anda!   How about that!
    Come on!
    Get on with it!
¡Anda, anda!   Don't be silly!
¡Andando!   And that's it!
¡Ándale (pues)! (Mexico)   See ya!
    Hurry up!
anda que te anda   never ending
andar + present participle   present progressive
andarse   to go away
andarse con   to use, make use of
andarse en   to indulge in
andarse por las ramas   to beat around the bush
todo se andaré   all in good time
el andar   walk
a largo andar   in the end / long run
a más andar   at full speed
a mejor andar   at best
a peor andar   at worst
a todo andar   at full speed
estar a un andar   to be on the same level

Andar is a mostly regular -AR verb, with an irregular pretérito and imperfect subjunctive.

Andar conjugations