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Yabla Spanish Videos – Back to School Sale!

Posted in Listening Comprehension, Spanish Tools on 24 August 2017

Watch, practice, and learn Spanish

To celebrate the start of the new school year, Yabla is offering 15% off annual subscriptions!

Yabla - Spanish videosUnderstanding spoken Spanish can be hard, but here’s a fun way to practice: Yabla Spanish. It’s a subscription site with a massive collection of original videos featuring native speakers from many different Spanish-speaking countries to help you learn and practice Spanish at any level.

The videos are short, so you can watch them whenever you have a few minutes to practice. The Yabla video player has flexible options so that learners at all levels can choose how much or how little assistance they need. The "slow" button lets you hear each individual word pronounced, and you can disable the captions and/or translations if you don’t need them.

Each video also includes several games to test listening comprehension and vocabulary:

  • Multiple choice – listen and choose the missing word
  • Fill-in-the-blank – listen and type the missing word
  • Scribe dictation – listen and type everything
  • Vocabulary – match the word to its translation

Get 15% off an annual subscription here.

For a huge variety of Spanish videos on just about any topic you can think of, visit Yabla Spanish or try one of these sample videos:

Level Sample Video Topic
1. Newbie Una historia de dos ciudades History
2. Beginner Un marciano en la playa Animation
3. Intermediate Agente del concesionario Shopping
4. Adv-Intermediate Artesano de monigotes de Año Viejo Culture
5. Advanced Lego Fest en Sevilla Documentary

Elemental Sounds of Spanish

Posted in Listening Comprehension, Pronunciation, Spanish Tools on 25 November 2016

Elemental sounds of Spanish

Improve your Spanish pronunciation and listening comprehension with The 39 Elemental Sounds of Spanish Master Class. This series of 4 one-hour live webinars by Idahosa Ness, creator of The Flow of Spanish, is on sale for $37, and you can add on French, Portuguese, and German for $30 more.

Think Spanish Audio Magazine – Sale

Posted in Listening Comprehension, Spanish Tools on 15 August 2016

Monthly audiomagazine Think Spanish is on sale for $79/year – that’s nearly 50% off the regular price. This is the perfect time to invest in an excellent product that will help you improve your Spanish while learning about life in Spanish-speaking countries. Think Spanish also makes a great gift!

Read my review | Think Spanish site

P.S. Think French is on sale too!

Comida mexicana

Posted in Listening Comprehension on 5 January 2015

Spanish listening practice with side-by-side translation

Escucha ~ Listen

Listening comprehension: See the links at the bottom for lessons related to the phrases in italics.

Click the English text to unblur it. If it doesn’t work, please read this.

La comida mexicana, reconocida en toda su riqueza – México Mexican Food, recognized in all its richness – Mexico
En noviembre del 2010, la Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Educación, la Ciencia y la Cultura—más conocida por su acrónimo UNESCO—declaró a la gastronomía mexicana como Patrimonio Inmaterial de la Humanidad. De esta forma se busca fomentar el conocimiento y respeto a la creatividad humana y la diversidad cultural. In November 2010, The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization—better known by its acronym UNESCO—added Mexican cuisine to the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. In this way it tries to promote knowledge and respect of human creativity and cultural diversity.
La organización reconoció los ingredientes que el país ha dado a la cocina mundial: desde el maíz, pasando por docenas de variedades de frijoles y pimientos, tomates y calabazas, hasta los famosos aguacates para hacer guacamole, la cocoa para el chocolate y la vainilla para mil usos. ¿Se imaginaban ustedes que tantos productos tenían su origen en esa región? Estos productos se han convertido hoy en ingredientes básicos en muchas de las cocinas de todo el mundo. The organization recognized the ingredients that the country has given to world cuisine: from corn; through dozens of varieties of beans, peppers, tomatoes, and pumpkins; to the famous avocados for making guacamole, cocoa for chocolate, and vanilla for a thousand uses. Had you ever imagined that so many products originated in this region? Today, these products have been converted into basic ingredients in many of the world’s cusines.
Además de estos productos alimenticios, también se han reconocido las tradiciones mexicanas de siembra y cosecha. [Ejemplos son la milpa] un tipo de cultivo por rotación con roza y quema del terreno y la chinampa, un islote artificial de cultivo en zonas lacustres. In addition to food products, the Mexican traditions of sowing and harvest have also been recognized. [Examples are "milpa"] a type of cultivation by slash and burn rotation, and "chinampa," a small, artificial farming island in lake areas.
A esos procesos de producción, se le suman procedimientos únicos de preparación culinaria como la nixtamalización, esto es, el descascarillado del maíz o frijoles con agua de cal para aumentar su valor nutritivo. El proceso de preparación de las comidas, también implica el uso de utensilios especiales como metates y morteros de piedra, que también se suman a la riqueza de la producción culinaria mexicana. To these production processes are added unique culinary preparation procedures like "nixtamalization," which is the hulling of corn or beans with lime water in order to increase its nutritional value. The meal preparation process, including the use of special utensils like grinding stones and stone mortars, also adds to the richness of Mexican culinary production.
Spanish text, sound file, and images courtesy of Think Spanish audiomagazine. This is part of an article in the noviembre 2014 issue. Translation by LKL

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Spanish Listening Comprehension

Posted in Listening Comprehension on 15 May 2013

Work on your Spanish listening comprehension with these exercises. Each includes a Spanish sound file, study guide, and short quiz. There is also a full transcript and translation of the audio, which you can use to better understand the sound file.