10 Reasons to Learn Spanish

Why learn SpanishDid you know that Spanish is one of the three most taught languages in the world? It’s a fact as a matter of fact. As a language passport to more than 20 countries around the globe, Spanish offers a wealth of work, social and travel opportunities.

Realistic Spanish Learning Expectations

Realistic learning expectationsIf Spanish is your first foreign language, it will take approximately 600 hours of study and practice to reach intermediate level. This is why many students suffer “language shock” when they visit a Spanish-speaking country for the first time and discover that, despite months or even years of casual Spanish study, they can barely order in a restaurant, much less carry on a conversation.

Andar Expressions

Andar - Spanish verb

The Spanish verb andar literally means "to go" or "to walk" and is used in a number of common expressions. Learn how to say general knowledge, being involved in, never ending, and more with this list of expressions with andar.


Spanish sentencesA sentence is a group of words that form a complete unit of meaning. Sentences can be as short as a single word or as long as the Amazon; the minimum criterion is that they contain a subject and verb.


Preterite Perfect

Spanish preterite perfectThe Spanish preterite perfect or past anterior is used to indicate an action in the past that occurred just before another action in the past.



Nicaragua flagLearn and practice Spanish listening, grammar, and writing with these Nicaragua-themed exercises from Progress with Lawless Spanish.

Redundant Object Pronouns

Redundant Spanish pronounsIn Spanish, an object pronoun, either direct or indirect, is often used in addition to the actual noun that it would normally replace. In some cases, this redundant object pronoun is required, while other times it’s simply stylistic.